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How to Make Money from Facebook

Can’t resist.

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January 25, 1882: Virginia Woolf is born.

Literature is strewn with the wreckage of men who have minded beyond reason the opinions of others.

And is strewn still…

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An entire building complex being pirated? How wrong is that?

"Der Speigel reports that an unauthorised ‘copy’ of Zaha Hadid’s Wangjing Soho office and retail complex in Beijing is being built in Chongqing, the emerging mega city 1,000 miles south west of the capital. What’s more, Chongqing’s copy of this 521,265m², 39 storey complex, dubbed Meiquan 22nd Century, could even be completed before the original is due to be finished, in 2014."

(via Zaha Hadid design becomes first ‘faked’ building | Architecture | Agenda | Phaidon)

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Assemblage’s model for the new Iraqi parliament building.  (via London firm win Iraqi Parliament competition | Architecture | Agenda | Phaidon)  

It reminds me a bit of card houses I like to build, though mine aren’t so round.  No, that’s not really a statement about the complexity and delicacy of legislatures or democracies…

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Racy Victorian divorces online at genealogy website | Reuters

The UK Civil Divorce Records, 1858-1911 date from the year when the Matrimonial Causes Act removed the jurisdiction of divorce from the church and made it a civil matter. Before this, a full divorce required intervention by Parliament, which had only granted around 300 since 1668.

Imagine: parliament was an improvement over having your escape from a bad marriage dependent upon the church!

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In the first elections in Israeli history Arab parties ran as affiliates of the Mapai movement which was led by David Ben-Gurion, the architect of the state.

Parties like The Democratic List of Nazareth may not have been very big but they were included in governing coalitions and they reflected the impulse of the left-wing founders of the new state that the Arab minority had to be included in the political process.

Israel has changed a great deal since those days.

BBC News - Israel elections quandary for marginalised Arab citizens.  It is so rare to see the 20% or so of the population of Israel that is Arab mentioned.  
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Sculpture by Jeongmoon Choi (via JeongMoon [100 conversation])

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The decision to give the US targeted-killing programme the appearance of legal propriety by codifying it, and now the temporary exemption granted from that codification to Pakistan, were both taken by Brennan. A counter-terrorism expert with 25 years experience in the CIA, his nomination to run the agency has raised eyebrows among civil liberties groups because of his senior role in the CIA under George W Bush at a time when torture was used on terror suspects and because of his fondness for drone strikes.

Targeted killing has been a particularly pronounced facet of US strategy in Pakistan. The UK-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates that there have been 362 drone strikes in the country since 2004 – 310 of them launched on Obama’s watch. The strikes have killed up to 3,461 people, 891 of them civilians.

CIA to exempt strikes on Pakistan from drones codification – reports.  Extra-judicial killings across international borders are difficult to dress up as legal anywhere.