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Posted 1 year ago

A funny-cruel send up.  (Friends who do this: he doesn’t mean YOU.  He means… someone else.  Who you don’t know.)

"LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video - Keynote 2012" (by Adam Sacks)

Posted 2 years ago

The cow and chicken in formaldehyde displayed in the center of this restaurant makes one restaurant reviewer lose his appetite.  Yes, a direct display of the sources of foods served in the restaurant is… unfashionable.  Which is funny: if an image of a whole, intact animal (and its friend) freaks the reviewer out, imagine what a series of neon-lit cross-sections would do…  Hmmmmm….  (via Damien Hirst puts us off our dinner | Art | Agenda | Phaidon)

Posted 2 years ago
People may say they hate the nanny state, but they sure do live like they need a nanny.
BBC News - Viewpoint: Childhood obesity and passive parenting by Rod Dreher of the American Conservative.  (Possibly the first/last time I write anything associated with a publication with “conservative” in the title.  :))
Posted 2 years ago
The best work in casein I’ve seen in a while.  :)

(via When artists cater »

The best work in casein I’ve seen in a while.  :)


(via When artists cater »

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All red meat is bad for you, new study says - Los Angeles Times

Eating any amount or type increased the chances of early death among adults tracked more than 20 years.

It’s not just “a new study” that says this.  It’s pretty much all the studies.  They say it in different ways.  They say ‘people with more fruit and/or vegetables in their diets get fewer diseases,’ they say ‘countries with national diets higher [anything other than red meat] have healthier populations,’ they say ‘high fiber diets (fiber comes from plants) are good for you,’ they say ‘vegetarians have lower rates of cardiovascular disease and many cancers,’ and so on and so on.

We have normalized heart disease and preventable cancers in this country to a point where people think those diseases are completely normal.  Traditional, even, over just a few generations of dietary excesses. 

But you know this.

Harvard is going to need to further update their excellent guidelines on what to eat in light of this.  For this study, they’d set out to show that processed red meat is the problem…  but, it turns our processing is not the only problem.

(Also: another study shows no benefit from fish oil pills.  Who knew?)

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Another excessively slim 19th Century celebrity was the beautiful and narcissistic Elisabeth von Wittelsbach - known as Sissi. She was empress consort of the Emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph I….

She exercised vigorously, resembling an outlandish bird as she hung from gymnastic rings in a black ostrich feather-trimmed gown. She also swallowed only emetics, laxatives, oranges, and thin broth or one glass of milk from her own personal cow.

BBC News - Lord Byron: The celebrity diet icon.  I feel better about everything I ate today, but I would have been more stylish in a feathered gown.  (Faux-feathered.)
Posted 2 years ago
The results suggest that individuals with high risk 9p21 gene versions who consumed a diet packed with raw vegetables, fruits and berries had a similar risk of heart attack as those with a low-risk variant of the same gene.

BBC News - Raw vegetables and fruit ‘counteract heart risk genes’.  I’m waiting for more people to catch on that there are genes that are ‘on’ or ‘off’ for some conditions, and others that make you more susceptible to a condition, but are no guarantee of it.  More results like these make it more obvious.

I have a gene for obesity, but I’m not obese.  (I don’t eat enough to be.)  If we had an obesity race, I could likely gain weight faster than you can…  But let’s not do that. :)

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Yelping with Cormac: Papalote Mexican Grill

It is inevitable that tools such as Yelp will someday serve more artistic purposes.

(Read the entire review.)


Mission - San Francisco, CA

Cormac M. | Author | A dusty home at the end of a road, NM

Two stars

The young cowboy lies in the afternoon sun, gut shot. The bitter tang of cordite and blood mingles in his mouth. In his hand, a pearl handled revolver, still warm. He lies propped against the lone…

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London Beer Flood and other food disasters – Boing Boing

The molasses flood is even more remarkable. (It would have been zombie- slow in winter, but alas, here it is reported in double digit miles per hour. The source article links to a book on the event.) much of a good thing

Posted 3 years ago
Among humanity’s most cherished cultural treasures, the United Nations declared Tuesday, are Peking opera, Spanish flamenco dancing - and lunch in France.
UNESCO adds French food to cultural heritage list.  Also: Mexican food.  No word on big moustaches.