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Posted 1 year ago


New infographics on abortion in the US from the Guttmacher Institute for the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade.

Guttmacher macht gut graphics!

Posted 1 year ago

Smoke-free laws are saving lives -

Heart attacks and other sudden cardiac deaths drop when people aren’t smoking, and aren’t exposed to so much smoke.

Posted 2 years ago
"The reason she didn’t go earlier was because she had no insurance," he said.

Doctors remove 51-pound tumor from New Jersey woman | Reuters.  Yes, she went from 120 pounds to 170 pounds while waiting to qualify for Medicare, since she didn’t have insurance.  And yes, she nearly died during the wait.

No one should go through this.  No one.

Posted 2 years ago

Free contraception for women provision of Obama health care law starts today - HealthPop - CBS News

(Well, it started August 1st, but I wasn’t on-line.)

Hooray for civilization!!

Posted 2 years ago

Next Scare: Seal Flu?: DNews Nuggets : Discovery News

Now I’m going to have to stop kissing seals.  

It looks like bird flu can jump to seals.  Seals are mammals.  Like us.  So…

Posted 2 years ago
Ornish cites a study finding that the amount of energy required to produce a Quarter Pounder with Cheese equals burning 7 pounds of coal.
And then the meal itself will slowly kill you.  Daily serving of red meat raises risk of cancer, heart disease - Vitals.  
Posted 2 years ago
People may say they hate the nanny state, but they sure do live like they need a nanny.
BBC News - Viewpoint: Childhood obesity and passive parenting by Rod Dreher of the American Conservative.  (Possibly the first/last time I write anything associated with a publication with “conservative” in the title.  :))
Posted 2 years ago

BBC NEWS - An all-natural animal orchestra

Another, novel way to study the world, using technology in a way that hadn’t been used before!  We still have so much to learn.

In his book The Great Animal Orchestra, Krause uses the evidence of ‘biophony’ degradation to demonstrate how even healthy-looking ecosystems can sound damaged.

Krause argues that in a pristine place, animals, insects, birds and reptiles have each found a niche - their own frequency in which they can communicate to each other and be heard above everything else.

"It’s taken quite a while for all those critters to figure out where their voices should be," he says.

By creating a spectrogram - a graph of the soundscape created by plotting time against frequency - he’s able to see the patterns that natural sound forms.

"When it looks very structured and you can see the discrimination between those voices, you know it’s healthy habitat."

A spectrogram can also instantly show if certain frequencies are missing. 

Posted 2 years ago
In the most comprehensive study of its kind to date, scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey tested more than 1,000 fish from nearly 300 streams across the nation from 1998 to 2005.
Every fish tested showed traces of mercury and a quarter of the fish tested had higher amounts of mercury than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deems safe to eat.
Posted 2 years ago
These four - human papillomaviruses, Helicobacter pylori and hepatitis B and C viruses - account for 1.9m cases of cervical, gut and liver cancers. Most cases are in the developing world. The team from the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France, part of the World Health Organization, says more efforts are needed to tackle these avoidable cases and recognise cancer as a communicable disease.
BBC NEWS - ‘One in six cancers worldwide are caused by infection’.  A few specific cancers can be prevented by inexpensive vaccines.  Imagine how many lives can be saved if nearly 2 million cases of cancers discovered each year could have been prevented by a shot…